Frequently Ask Questions 

We are a U.S. based, Texas LLC assisting ministries throughout the world. Our partner company is located in Harare, Zimbabwe.

You get a qualified employee for up to 75% off your current staffing cost AND you won’t need to worry about overhead for payroll taxes, Medicare expenses, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation, equipment needs, and office space.

Zimbabwe has over 2 million university-educated men and women in all areas of expertise. Some examples would be Data Entry, Accounting, Video Production, Website Design, Social Media, Marketing and Customer Service.

You can contact your team member(s) any time during your working day through e-mail, live conferencing, and face-to-face video chat. They work the same hours as your office or you can modify their hours.

There are no long term contracts, you can discontinue with a 30 days notice.

We provide the highest quality equipment from Fortigate. For more information see Data Security under the Solutions tab.

You will have a set fee that you pay every month, there are no hidden fees. We will work with you on any additional costs to provide specialized PC’s, software, or equipment that your team member may require.

What we provide for your virtual team members.

  • A workstation
  • PC with monitor and camera
  • Noise cancellation headsets
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Dedicated high speed internet
  • A conference room with video conferencing built in
  • A comfortable, secure atmosphere in which to work
Once we post your job, resumes are sent to us and reviewed. We will then select the top candidates for you to interview (typically 3 top candidates). Once selected, a background check will be performed.
Yes, the individual is hired by you and only works on what you give them. They do not work for anyone else. They are an extended member of your team.
English is the official language of Zimbabwe and the primary language used in schools. This eliminates any language barriers between our team and your organization.

Equipped with high standards of education and training, our team is ready to use their advanced degrees and skills necessary to perform their specific role within your organization. Our team of passionate and highly motivated individuals are here to serve your needs.

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